Squiddo Saves the World is a small gift to my Secret Santa mark,  TyeDye105. The prompt for the gift was three words: Magic, Squid, Adventure. I hope I made something that lives up to his expectations. If nothing else, I had a blast making this game, and I hope it's fun for you to play as well. Happy Winter!

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TagsBitsy, underwater

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oh my goooosh all these sea creatures are the ✨CUTEST!!!!✨ i loved the story and the puzzles!!!!!! so clever!!!

Me, a dummy who doesn't know roman numerals: [hits wrong buttons] WHY ISN'T THE CODE WORKING

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YES YES YES!!! oh i love the ending!!!! the journey made it that much sweeter! :3 i love all the friends! i kept checking their dialogues after every change and it was really nice!!! i really love them!!!


This game is made with such care and attention to detail. You did a wonderful job :)


What an AMAZING game!! It's a really fun story, and personally, I liked all the undersea jokes :)

You really did a great job with the 3 word prompts, nice present!


thank you so much! I really wanted it to try and make each prompt word shine. This was my first time making a game that is more than just a straightforward visual novel, so it was a lot of fun figuring out how to make puzzles and challenges!